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ASK Capital

About Us?

ASK Capital Market is a licensed brokerage of Seventy-Ask. Regulated by Vanuatu VFSC, Reg. No. 14885. License Scope:  FINANCIAL DEALERS PRINCIPAL LICENSE.  Under the authorization and supervision of the Vanuatu Financial Service Commssion and Vanuatu Financial Intelligense Unit , Seventy-Ask carries out financial product trading services compliantly. 70-ASK Group also serves hedge funds in Cayman, Hong Kong and Europe. ASK CAPITAL promises to provide the most secure, stable, and perfect services for administrate users with global institutional service standards.


The most popular trading software , makes your transactions faster, more stable, efficient and transparent, and it is suitable for a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android.



Thanks to the advantages of high-end execution services given by the top liquidity providers around the world, ASK CAPITAL now provides customers with customized trading solutions to match their diverse brokerage needs.With more than 50 financial products provided by ASK Capital,each client today is enabled to trade FX,stock index,oil and metals with simple clicks,which greatly enriched the investment types of customers.



Compliance and Safety

ASK CAPITAL Market formally merged to Seventy-Ask International Financial Group in 2016 under the background of strict regulation of global financial industry supervision regulations and increasingly clear industry guidelines. Both parties have further developed the international financial market on the basis of inheriting existing businesses, and have made major breakthroughs in the secondary market liquidity and trading services and international hedge fund operations. On December 28, 2016, it successfully applied for the VFSC financial regulatory license in Vanuatu,as the Principal Financial Dealers.Seventy-Ask group is required to conduct compliance and financial audit every fiscal year.The time of the previous VFSC compliance review was: March 08, 2018. Ask provides up to 50,000 US dollars in the principal amount of insurance for the registered user of ASK CAPITAL. ASK CAPITAL strictly abides by the laws and regulations of VFSC and the countries and regions where the business is located, and insists on the separation of funds between the Group and its customers, and provides legal and compliant access and payment services, fund custody services, STP clearing and quotation services for a wide range of users.